After Atlas, there is Btlas.


Btlas aims to host data visualisations that are as simple, useful and fun as possible about important society subjects.

I started working on this project after making and, which were made out of curiosity and as technical challenges allowing me to learn some interesting web technologies.

These two projects have encountered success way past my initial expectations. In particular, has been viewed by millions of people, and is used daily in education all over the world. This lead me to invest more efforts in such data visualizations.

To keep my efforts sustainable, there are some ads on the site. This allows to fund the server costs and my working time. I am not particulary fond of ads, so if you have better ideas about the funding of this project, feel free to contact me at

Feel also free to email me about anything that comes to your mind regarding the site, especially if you spot errors.

Btlas is made in Brussels, Belgium with Django, PostgreSQL, D3 and a lot of late night work.

Martin De Wulf